Gérard Arnaud combines in his dynamic and heartfelt teaching the heat and flow of Vinyasa with the precision of alignment to create a balanced challenging and cheerful class.
-    Alison West, yoga union, New york

My wife and I have studied with Gérard several times in his studio in Paris. We were impressed with his depth of knowledge and the compassionate way in which he teaches. He obviously teaches from a rich personal experience. We look forward to studying with Gérard in the future and we recommend his classes and his studio to our yoga friends that visit Paris. 
-    Keith Crosslin, Yoga and Ayurvedic Educator

Gérard conveys the details of a pose with simplicity and precision. His sequencing takes the student on a journey of unfolding so that difficult asanas become effortless and accessible. And his manner is sweet and endearing. 
-    Corina Benner, Director, Wake Up Yoga, Philadelphia

Our workshop in Graz with Gérard Arnaud was inspiring for teachers as well as for student yogis and yoginis. From the beginning on Gérard had a sense for the possibilities of the group and did not hold back with compassion. On the other side there was preciseness and challenge for those who were ready. There was also time for funny yoga poses and everybody walked out happy and content.
-    Maria Sintschnig, City Yoga, Graz/Austria.

Before becoming a zen monk in Japan, I attended Gérard's classes for years. His teaching has allowed me to acquire a much better zazen sitting and strengthened the direction of my path.
-     Taishin Somyo, Zen Monk, Shofuku-ji Monastery, Kobe, Japan

I think yoga is almost a form of dance, when it is done with grace and precision. That for me is the link with art. Gérard is brilliant, the best mix of Pattabi Jois and Mr Iyengar.
-     Sally Singer, fashion news director, NY Vogue US


Gérard Arnaud's classes are a good mix of the vigor of an Asthanga practice combined with the refinement of Iyengar. Gérard has a great understanding of people's bodies and how their psychological state is affecting their bodies. This, combined with discipline and rigor made his classes really worthwhile. In taking his classes I started to find my own identity within the practice rather than always being a student of technique. 
-    Samantha Lang, Film director, Competition 50th Cannes International Film Festival